23 June 2022

The Winter Solstice
The shortest day signals the middle of winter. Also known as the Winter Solstice, the Shortest Day signals an astronomical phenomenon marking the day with the shortest daylight hours and the longest nighttime hours of the year. This is caused by the Earth's axis being the furthest away from the sun for the entire year. We have to wait till 22 December to see the longest day of the year. 
Presidents Time
President John welcomed all present and announced that the “Guest Speaker” is one of ours.
John advised that Jerry Ford and Morgan Hodgson have advised the Directors that they will step back from Active Membership and wish to continue as Honorary Members.
Andy Ross has advised the Directors that he is unable to continue the Rotary Membership as his work and family commitments are taking up all the time he has.
John thanked Jerry and Morgan for their commitment to Rotary over the years and hoped to see them attending our meetings and social events in the future.
John acknowledged the time constraints young people in business are experiencing these days, wished Andy all the best and assured him that The Door is always open.
Change over next Thursday 30th June. Please log in by using the Bulletin Link to advise your attendance. Include your partner and other extras.
Lost and found
A vest was left and found after Bookarama clean-up. Colour brown, Farmer, Shepherd type look. Ask John or Gavin for more details.
Foundation for Rotary International
John talked about the Foundation of Rotary International. Rotary Clubs worldwide are expected or certainly encouraged to make annual contributions to The Foundation. Rotary Clubs and Rotary Districts can apply to The Foundation to get money back for local or overseas projects. The Dictionaries for Schools has been supported in that way. The Gates Foundation matched donations towards Polio Eradication. The Rotary Foundation applies funds to Health, Food, Clean Water projects, Refugee Programs, etc.
The Charitable Trust of the Rotary Club of Timaru North
John then mentioned the Charitable Trust of the Rotary Club Timaru North, which was set up a few years ago to keep monies from fundraising separate and receiving and maintaining funds donated by Timaru North Members in Trust. Our own Trust has received substantial funds from present and past members over the last few years, and The Trustees are hopeful that this trend may continue. More capital can generate more income, which would help and take pressure off our Fundraising efforts.
3-Minute Talk
Jeremy Hogan talked about a whole collection of World Events. Anything from the first meetings that later led to Parliamentary Systems and democracy, the Brexit vote in the UK, Olympic Movement that led to the Modern Olympic Games that we know now and Cricket Scoring Rules!
The taking…
David Hewson and Corporal Jerry Ford found good reasons to fine all present.
The giving…
Weekly Club-Raffle won by Paul Hewitson with Ticket Green 93.
Chairman Terry Stagg
Surprise – as Terry introduced himself as our “Guest Speaker” and talked to us about Carbon Emissions, and mentioned the EU’s plan to stop production of Combustion Engines by 2035. Transport in Europe is causing 23% of carbon emissions. But combustion engines are not only cars and trucks. Where does all the rest come from? Oil fired central heating, gas for cooking, Industrial boilers and so on. These rules they plan to introduce are unlikely to stop carbon emissions altogether. Even if industrialised countries have the money to do something about it and do their best, many countries simply cannot afford to do anything about it. Terry mentioned Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology that can most likely make a real difference, provided the electricity needed to produce it can be generated without coal or gas. To finish, Terry added that a Traction Engine fired up with wood to produce steam would score pretty well.
Bill Weir thanks Terry for an interesting address that had sparked much discussion from the floor.
President John then started to close the meeting with This Day in History, which is the day the French decided to do their Nuclear Bomb Tests in the Pacific underground instead of in the Atmosphere.
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16 June 2022

Presidents Time
President John opened the meeting by welcoming our guest James Meager and a good turnout of members.
Members were thanked for their contribution to Bookarama. There was a good turnout over the week before and during the event. A special thanks was extended to Gavin for organising Bookarama.  Gavin mentioned in his thanks that we should clear $10,000 after expenses. Thanks to Rob Rhodes and Trevor Johnson for dealing with the rubbish.
John commented on the folk who volunteer every year to help with Bookarama but are not Rotary members and indicated they would be invited to join us for a meal in due course (as a thank you)
On a sad note, Des Kearns passed away earlier in the week. Des had been a member of South Club and was very active in the community. The funeral was private.
Directors are to meet on Monday 20 June and discuss the distribution of funds.
A concert to raise funds for the Red Cross in Ukraine – has been organised at St Mary’s Church (Church St) on 1 July, 12.30-1.30 pm. The concert features six hands for the piano.
Change Over
The changeover will be on Thursday 30 June 2022. This is a celebration evening and partners are most welcome. Please remember it is very important to add any partners or family attending to the system - you do this here, so we can accommodate them. 
5 Minute talk
Colin Shaw reflected on his life in Timaru. Attending Timaru South School, his first job at 11 was in a local bakehouse. Worked lunch times and after school and recalls receiving two and sixpence for the week! At that time a pie was thruppence. Colin had several jobs at an F&C shop and cleaned rental cars. At 16, he became an apprentice builder. Training took five years, and at age 24 went into business on his own account and worked in that until age 75. His son now runs the business. Colin reflected on the changes in paid hourly rates and the way the cost of building has increased.
David Hewson and President John conspired together to lighten everyone’s pockets.
Jeremy Hogan won the raffle.
Chairman Harley introduced James Meager to members. James is a local, having been born in Timaru and attended TBHS before Otago University. A practising lawyer, he shifted to Ashburton two years ago to start up his own business (Oath Advisory)
James remarked that he lived his first two years in St Andrews before his family moved to Timaru. He attended Hanan Kindy, South School, Watlington Intermediate and then TBHS. He was eventually head boy and Dux, having fond memories of a specific TBHS DP.
He started Health Science at Otago Uni before seeing the light and studying for a law degree. Health Science gave him insight into equity and disparity. After Uni, he worked for MP Chris Bishop, Paula Bennett (MP and Deputy PM) and briefly for Bill English and Simon Bridges. It was a privileged role giving me plenty of opportunities to travel around NZ.
James is interested in Public Law and commented on the issues of Courts interpreting the law and judicial activism. He expressed some concern that the courts were heading more towards the American model, where instead of Parliament being sovereign, courts tended to interfere more. James provided some interesting examples to illustrate this.
He discussed some issues with Electoral reform, including discussions on the threshold to enter Parliament and the term. A problem with such discussions is that MPs tended to have a degree of self-interest, and was the public that interested? James also considered the number of MPs should be increased but realised that was not likely to be a popular move.
There was an excellent discussion afterwards with plenty of food for thought.
Terry Stag gave the thanks, and President John closed the meeting with a “this day in history.”
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From the meeting of 09 June 2022

Presidents Time
Despite having forgotten his glasses, President John opened the meeting and commented on the excellent turnout of members. He welcomed Peter Hayes, our guest speaker and thanked Gavin for looking after the "shop" last week. A big thank you to all who helped set up Bookarama, which is due to start on 10 June.
John commented on the final Rotary down under publication for District 9980. We feature on the front page, despite getting Noel's name incorrect (with respect to H to H)
A reminder, 30 June is Changeover, and members should record numbers attending. The menu has two options and is $35/head.
Pumpkins for Polio has been a successful campaign. With the Gates Foundation's input, approx $120,000 has been raised for the Polio fight. As an aside, Barrie was congratulated for the size of his 44 kg Pumpkin!
Gavin reminded those who had put their names down for Bookarama to make sure they turned up. At least six are needed for the Cash desk over the weekend. A big thank you to Rob and Trevor for getting rid of the rubbish generated by the week's work.
Terry Stag spoke of the membership drive and reminded members that Bookarama was a chance to interest people in the club and answer questions from the public.
What a line- up!
5 Minute talk
Barrie stepped in to give a 3-5 min talk on the changing face of Agriculture. In the last few weeks, his business has been working on embryo transplants, and he reflected that when everything was set up in his woolshed, looking around at the Vets, technicians and staff, he was the only male. Again when it was shearing time and taking into account his staff, he realised men were in the minority.
Very much the changing face of agriculture!  
The Robbery (the taking)
Robbie Jackson and  Colin Clemens were let loose again, and all our pockets were lightened. Robbie finished with a joke that can't be repeated in this forum.
Raffle (the giving)
Derek Copeland won the wine again.
Guest speaker:
Colin Shore introduced Peter Hayes and his life of golf.
Peter commented that he loved the game and started learning golf in childhood. He noted that NZ Golf reported some 68-78% of golfers in NZ are men 55 years and older, so there is a real need to widen the popularity of the game amongst younger people. NZ golf has a focus on young girls starting off in the game in order to broaden its appeal. Younger folk also tend not to want the rigid rules of the formal game.
Peter himself has played the game for 50 years. He started at Highfield golf club, which he has fond memories of. He loved the fresh air, camaraderie and competition.
At 16 years old, he won the stroke play championship and got picked for the junior Rep team (Piper cup) playing against Otago. He got to know Greg Turner among many other well-known golfing names during that time.
He was asked to try out for Rep golf for Sth Canterbury, but despite finishing in the top three, selectors decided he was just too young. A family member suggested he turn pro at around 19, but he decided against it. It wasn't till his 40's that he did indeed turn professional.
With his second wife, he travelled around Australia, playing golf and seeing the country. He played about 338 games in the year and travelled 53,000 km.
During this time, he became an insurance agent and worked at that for 30 years. It wasn't till he approached his 60s that he got the opportunity to open a Pro shop at Gleniti club. Coaching at Gleniti and Timaru as well as running a shop and cafeteria, has kept him very busy. A shoulder injury a few years ago curtailed his playing, but he immersed himself in his new business ventures and still loves the game.
Harley Smithson thanked Peter for his interesting and informative life story.
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Alpine Energy hosts H2H function for beneficiaries and key supporters

Back row from left: Noel Crawford; Andrew Toombes; Bruce Steven; Ethel Elliot; and Peter O'Neil. Front row: Janice Higinbottom; Clare Bruce; and Margueritte Gliddon.

Alpine Energy, main sponsor of our H2H Fun Run invited beneficiaries, key supporters and club representatives to a 4:30pm function at their Washdyke head office on 20 May 2021. Donations were transferred earlier as cheques are now obsolete. Instead, Certificates of Appreciation were presented to: The Heart Foundation; Stroke Club; Hospice; and Life Education Trust for their volunteering on the day.

CEO, Andrew Toombes welcomed everyone at the door with mirth as he ran through visiting procedures and later in the cafeteria expressed great pleasure in supporting the H2H. Key Rotary members in turn responded with their appreciation, followed by beneficiary representatives giving thanks and outlining their charity roles.

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Circus Quirkus comes to town 2021

Circus Quirkus performance in TBHS School Hall 13 May 2019.

About 300 kids and their folks were treated to a magnificent 90 minute music pumping show featuring acrobats, clowns contortionists, jugglers, hula hoop dancers and more.  The show has been touring New Zealand since 2002, hosted by NZ Lions, Rotary Clubs, etc. 

Each year, complimentary tickets are distributed to organisations focusing on support to less fortunate or special needs children and their families to allow them to have a great day out with the family.

Tickets are sponsored by local businesses are not for public purchase or resale. Read more here...

See more photos here

Circus Quirkus is run by International Entertainment Ltd, a New Zealand based event management company specialising in the production and sourcing of both local and international acts particularly for charitable organisations. Read more here...

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272 individually named dictionaries to local students

St Joseph's Year 4 primary school students with their new illustrated dictionaries

Again Year 4 primary school students were thrilled to received the wonderfully illustrated education learning aid from us this year. Schools included Barton Rural, Beaconsfield, Gleniti, Grantlea Downs, Highfield, St Joseph's, Timaru Christian, Oceanview Heights and Waimataitai.

Working with other Rotary Clubs, the cost was covered by a Rotary Foundation grant. Special thank to President Rod Sparrow who individually signed the 272 explanatory letters covering each Dictionary, and members and family who helped prepare, distribute and present the dictionaries to each school.

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Timaru fun run speeds ahead hours after alert level change

Our annual H2H Alpine Energy Hadlow-to-Harbour fun run, walk, jog went ahead on the 7th March 2021, the Sunday morning just hours after the move back to Covid-19 alert level 1.

Stuff reports: "Hadlow to Harbour co-ordinator Noel Crawford said the event went “very well indeed” with 870 people taking part."

"The Rotary Club of Timaru, which runs the event, made a decision last week to gamble on the alert level dropping before Sunday so they could hold the event – a gamble that paid off as the country, except for Auckland, moved out of level 2 restrictions at 6am, just three and a half hours before the start of the run."

Crawford said he had seen people come back to the event year after year. “There’s one friend of ours, she came the first year pushing one child, and then a few years later there was two, and now there was three this morning.”

Despite forecast rain, Sunday morning was sunny and warm. “The weather was very nice, in fact it got a bit hot. People generally didn’t push themselves too hard; they came over the line quite comfortably.”

Click here for full story and photos

Timaru's annual Hadlow-to-Harbour to go ahead despite snap alert level change

Gamble pays off for Timaru's Hadlow-to-Harbour organisers

See photo coverage on Flickr here

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Carols by Candlelight - 2020

The Mountainview High School Auditorium was again packed to capacity on Sunday night 20 December for a sing-along to brass band backed Rhyth-mix singers and performances by Jess Bacon’s highland dancers & piper William McArthur, the Austin family and Junior Drama League. Christmas messages were given by Mayor, Nigel Bowen and Rev Ben Randall representing the South Canterbury Ministers Association.  Big thanks to The Aoraki Foundation for their support covering expenses. About $900 was raised for The Salvation Army food bank, our charity for this year, off-setting some of the local hardship caused by COVID-19. 

Watch the recorded video here

Photo coverage is here
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Farewell to Seven Oaks

5 MARCH 2020
President Jeremy welcomed a large turn out or member and partners to this, our last meeting at Seven Oaks.
He took us back to the year 1999 and reminded us of the context. Bill Clinton was acquitted by the Senate after being impeached. The Panama Canal was handed back to Panama. We all experienced the Y2K scare and the Euro was created. At the time there was a paltry 6 billion humans on the planet. One notable individual, Lance Armstrong “won” his first Tour de France.  Within popular culture, Notting Hill, The Matrix, Austin Powers (The spay that shagged me) and the popular Toyota TV ads all screened.  Jenny Shipley became our first female Prime Minister, followed by Helen Clark.
Locally Wynne Raymond was Mayor and in a significant move Timaru North Rotary shifted its meeting venue to Seven Oaks in Wai-iti Rd.
Since then there have been 994 meetings held and approximately 1,500 hours of fellowship including an estimated 45,000 glasses of very good and welcome cheer. Debbie and Gavin took over in 2006 and have been wonderful hosts.
Some 22 Presidents and 868 guest speakers have entertained and enlightened us and so we toasted Seven Oaks, thanked Gavin and Debbie for their “shout” tonight and sang the Rotary grace.
Under President’s time John Keenan thanked all those who participated in Hadlow to Harbour. We were blessed with great weather and an improved turnout.
John also reminded everyone of the upcoming Dictionary for schools with 9 schools to distribute to and 289 dictionaries to prepare. Help is needed to write up the dictionaries and to hand them out. Volunteers, please let John know as soon as possible.
President Jeremy entertained us with a photo montage trip down memory lane, but not before he had been told by Gordon Bower that the move to Seven Oaks was 1998 not 99! Thanks to Geoff for the photos which everyone appreciated. A few highlights included a 1998/99 shot of President Alister Rowley who commented “ The move to Seven Oaks was most satisfactory”.
Other photos included dubious ones of Roy Carter,  the Dixie band in full flight (2009),  the dress up as rugby players in the world cup year (2011),  the 50th birthday celebrations last year with Bob and Roy cutting the cake (we think), Christmas functions, Paul Harris fellowship awards and generally members have fun and fellowship. Finally a photo of what the site might look like under St John’s ownership. All in all, thanks for the memories which will be treasured.
President Jeremy made a presentation to Gavin and Debbie and told them of the club’s gratitude for their hospitality and friendship over the last 14 years and hoped they would take time to indulge their passion for travel.
Gavin replied saying it was a sad moment for him and Debbie but life moves on.  He commented they had enjoyed their time with the club and following a short break would be back as members, continuing the friendship.
Raffle – last raffle at the venue won by Colin Shaw.
Next week – the new venue of Harlau Hose Café, Beaconsfield Road. Apologies in the normal way.
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Our First Home

Gordon and Roy tell me that Timaru Norths first 'Home' was at the Ashbury Lounge in Evans Street (Formally Cassidy’s Tearooms). At the time 1969 called Piccadilly Tea rooms and owned by Margaret Fenton.   They also catered for our Charter Presentation night at St. Pat’s Hall on 04 October 1969. Roy was of course the First President.
Gordon joined in Jan 1972 and has included some photos he took at the changeover in June/July 1972 .
At the beginning we had 27 Members and it provided a suitable meeting place. Also Merv Williamson (Charter Member, President 1972/73} had his Veterinary Surgery opposite where he invited some of us to meet for a little fellowship before the meetingsWinking smile. WE could also use his premises to park cars.
During the first couple of years the Club growth was considerable with the result we out grew the venue. At that time Trailways was being built, Merv Williamson & George Clough
(Pres. 1971/72) knew the owner of Trailways hence, led the charge to shift our venue.   This happened sometime in 1972.    

 I (the editor) looked through Gordons photos and was surprised how few members were still members in 1986 when I joined.
However here are two couples we knew and three of whom are still with us.  Happy memories for you Roy.
Just take a look at the suits and Ties.  Rotary was quite a different beast in those days.   If you missed three meetings in a row you would be asked some serious questions.    Remember the big old round Badges!
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Carols by Candlelight - 2019

Several members Rhyth-mix Singers lead the caroling. Oh what a night!!! Despite seating limitations caused by the unexpected closure of the Theatre Royal, 400 carolers filled the Mountainview High School Auditorium on Sunday evening 15 December 2019.
Guests arrived as Sheryl Higgs Singers ‘Double Talk’ entertained until Robbie Jackson introduced the evening.  Sue Shewan, standing in for the voiceless Tony Bunting, compared the evening commencing with Jess Bacon's Highland Dancers.  Lead by the Rhyth-mix Singers the crowd joyously sang out carols to the rousing accompaniment of the Alpine Energy Brass Band. In between, items were given from Mrs A’s Music School students and soloists Abhi Barathan and Abigail Austin gave class performances. Christmas messages were given by Deputy Mayor, Steve Wills and Rev Gordon Rosewall representing the South Canterbury Ministers Association.  About $1000 was raided for Family Support. Big thanks to Alpine Energy for their support.

Watch the recorded video on our club's Facebook Page here
Photo coverage is here
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2019 Santa Parade a big success

Harley Smithson's grand daughter Lily was in for some very special attention from Santa before this years parade.

See slideshow here

With about 48 floats, our combined services clubs really stepped up this year's Santa Parade. What an event to organise? Big thanks to our club volunteers!  Stuff reported: "Floats included classic and modern fire engines, a Burrell traction engine, classic cars and a Pleasant Point Railway train engine on a truck and there were recognisable characters form Minnie and Micky Mouse to minions and Frozen's Olaf."

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Art auction success

The future of our club's art scholarship programme is again assured after a very successful art auction held at the Aigantighe Art Gallery Friday 18 Oct 2019.  Convenor, Harley Smithson was thrilled by the turnout and bidding that contributed over $10,000 to the scholarship fund.  61 Items were donated or offered by artists or owners, including very well known and collectable artists including: Hanrahan, Brinsley, Webb, Mulholland, Cleavin, Bower, Esplin, Badcock, Greig, Forde and van den Bergh.   The auction was topped-off by an artwork by The Honorable Jacinda Ardern,
Minister of Arts, Culture and Heritage.  The works of two previous winners of the scholarship, Isobel and Emily Bell, were also auctioned.
Big thank-yous go out to: Rose and Dale Walden for arranging the bulk of the items; our auctioneer, Snow;; the Staff of the Aigantighe, for professionally, hanging the exhibition; and the Friends of Aigantighe for the hospitality.
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Supreme winner: Aoliyah Beswick.

Supreme winner: Aaliyah Beswick. with Aigantighe Art Gallery Manager Hamish Pettengell.

40 years on and our annual ARTARAMA is still showcasing some amazing art from our South Canterbury kids. 400 entries make up another great Rotary show in conjunction with Aigantighe, Friends of Aigantighe; and South Canterbury Art Society.

Gleniti students with their 'Wearable Art': from left: Luke Campbell with his brochure dress, Azaria Phillips and Addison Tait with their wedding dress, and Zac Campbell with is map dress.


Aigantighe Art Gallery:

Painting: Year 1-3, Indie Robinson-Smith; year 4-6, Fletcher McCall; year 7-8, Pippa Nevin; year 9-10, Lucy Grieve; year 11-12, Liana Karika; year 13, Jazmin Duncan.

Collage and Print: Year 1-3, Lincoln Tocker, year 4-6, Dan Ali; year 7-8, Emily Bray; year 9-10, Maia Grieve; year 11-12, Ellarose Bennett; year 13, Kaia Holland.

3D: Year 1-3, Room 3 St Joseph's School; year 4-6, Luke Campbell; year 7-18, Luke Winter.

Class awards: Pacifica Turtle (Grantlea Downs) and Makikihi School.

Supreme winner: Aaliyah Beswick.

Rotary Club of Timaru North:

Painting: Year 1-3, Brylee Dennison; year 4-6, Amelia Walker; year 7-8, Wihanel Kruger; year 9-10, Yunseo Lee; year 11-12, Yixuan Li; year 13, Bam Na Ranong.

Collage and print: Year 1-3, Hynun Lee, year 4-6, Penny Smith; year 7-18, Taylah Cross; year 9-10, Beth and Ruby (Mountainview High); year 11-12, Felafoai Fiso; year 13, Ella Waters.

3D: Year 1-3, Isla Prue; year 4-6, Zac Campbell; year 7-8, Lilou Caspritz and Briar Annett; Year 13, Alexandra Innes. 

Richard Logan Memorial:

Payge Overstone.

Friends of Aigantighe:

Robots (Bluestone).

South Canterbury Arts Society:

Anne Marie Bendsen.

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H2H cheques for charities

Our key H2H sponsor, Holcim hosted lunch for South Canterbury charities who help man the H2H Fun Run Walk Jog this year.  $8000 of funds raised was donated to: Heart Foundation, Hospice, Life Education Trust and Stroke Club, In presenting the cheques on 20 May 2019, John Keenan said: "It's a great way for people who participate to give back to our community." Read the Stuff article here for more of our story.
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Club visits the Clarence Reserve

Trevor Johnson led members in nine 4x4s over the Seaward Kaikoura Range into the Clarence Reserve on 30 March 2019. Reaching 1300m above sea level this track was spectacular but not for SUVs or the lighthearted. In perfect weather everyone lunched out at the old homestead on Quail Flat, and listened to Barrie Payne's account of the area and farming on NZ's most-remote Muzzle Station.
Andy and Kath hosted everyone to lunch the next day on Foxdown farm, allowing a decent rumble through their private museum.  See photos from the club's annual weekend away here:
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Circus Quirkus comes to town

2019 President Harley Smithson and President Elect Shirley Keenan posing with George, a Gagliardis clown, after the Circus Quirkus performance in TBHS School Hall 13 May 2019.

Circus QuirkusAbout 300 kids and their folks were treated to a magnificent 90 minute music pumping show featuring aerialists, acrobats, clowns contortionists, jugglers, hula hoop dancers and more.  The show has been touring New Zealand since 2002, hosted by NZ Rotary Clubs, this being our first year. It was held at the TBHS hall because the Theatre Royal was closed for earthquake renovations. 

Each year, less-advantaged children are given complimentary tickets so they can attend, with their families. Tickets are sponsored by local businesses are not for public purchase or resale. Read more here...

International EntertainmentCircus Quirkus is run by International Entertainment Ltd, a New Zealand based event management company specialising in the production and sourcing of both local and international acts particularly for charitable organisations. Read more here...

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H2H 2019 - the Hadlow to Harbour Fun Run Walk Jog. 

Timaru North Rotary’s iconic H2H - Hadlow to Harbour Fun Run Jog was again held in early March this year. First held in 1971, this popular event attracts hundreds of young and old who run or walk the 10 km from Hadlow, just beyond the western edge of Timaru, through the city streets to finish on Caroline Bay, near the port of Timaru. For the youngest and oldest, or those less fit for whom 10 km seems too far, there is a shorter course of 3 km from the Countdown Supermarket in Church Street.  H2H has always been a fun run, and a feature each year is the number of children – and adults - who run in fancy dress.

Our H2H is always a fun feature on our annual calendar, especially when watching the fancy dress turn-out. This year we counted 928 people of all ages crossing the finish line in a festival of colour. Combined with supporters, 1500-2000 people may have enjoyed the great morning out.

For the past four years we have deliberately coincided H2H with Children’s Day on Caroline Bay so children can continue their day with free amusement rides and other activities.

Members efforts, though still considerable, are made a little easier each year due to ongoing refinements.  Thanks go to our charities, who also help-out, boosting volunteer numbers to ensure every street crossing is now manned – in return for a donation.

Our generous sponsors and supporters are also to be thanked for, promotions, sales, transport, street arrangements, funding and prizes

Read on for a full report.

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Emily Bell - Art Scholarship winner - 2019 2019-02-26 11:00:00Z 0

December flashbacks

Santa and his little helper passing out pressies at our club's Xmas party.
Carols by Candlelight.
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Otipua Wetlands native tree planting

500 native grasses, shrubs and trees were planted at the Otipua Wetlands on an incredibly nice morning. Eight from the Boy's Brigade 3rd Timaru, with leaders Fiona Blisset and Chris Kronings,  joined 16 Club members making short work of the task.. Also digging in was Jim Garden of the Timaru Rotary Club.  This project follows a Rotary International initiative, planting 12 million trees world wide.
Noel Crawford preparing a hole for a plant held by Inga, an AFS student from Germany . One day this hillside will be covered with native flora, as seen in the distance.
Otipua Wetlands native tree planting 2018-08-10 12:00:00Z 0

Change-over night 2018

Sue and Neil Dickson - Harley and Jennifer Smithson

Sue and Neil Dickson - Harley and Jennifer Smithson

Welcome to your new leadership role Harley Smithson and big thank you to Past President Neil Dickson and partners!  These sentiments were expressed along with awarding of Paul Harris Fellowships and Honorary Memberships at our club's well attended change-over night 12 July 2018.

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H2H Fun Run Walk Jog 2018 donations possible with Holcim sponsorship,

From left: Jeff Paul; Peter O'Neill; Noel Crawford; Marthy Cloake; Heather Barber; Rosalie Davidson; Allan Barber; Paul Coleman (Holcim); Barbara Fleming

Thank you Holcim for your sponsorship of our H2H - Hadlow to Harbour Fun Run Walk Jog,  While entry fees cover most of the associated costs, sponsorship ensures donations can be made to partnering charities.  The need for volunteers has increased over recent years to meet safety planning requirements, and our club is fortunate to have extra support from: 

  • Alzheimer's Foundation - Barbara Fleming and Rosalie Davidson

  • Heart Foundation - Marthy Cloake

  • Stroke Club - Heather and Allan Barber

  • Hospice - Peter O'Neill

  • Life Education Trust - Jeff Paul

Holcim, now our major sponsor, invited representatives to a presentation and tour of their premises 5 June 2018..

See more images of the presentations and tour here:

H2H Fun Run Walk Jog 2018 donations possible with Holcim sponsorship, Geoff Cloake 2018-06-06 12:00:00Z 0

H2H 2018 - the Hadlow to Harbour Fun Run Walk Jog.

Our H2H is always a fun feature on our annual calendar, especially when watching the fancy dress turn-out. This year we counted 760 people of all ages crossing the finish line in a festival of colour. Combined with supporters, 1500-2000 people may have enjoyed the great morning out.

For the past three years we have deliberately coincided H2H with Children’s Day on Caroline Bay so children can continue their day with free amusement rides and other activities.
Members efforts, though still considerable, are made a little easier each year due to ongoing refinements.  Thanks go to our charities, who also help-out, boosting volunteer numbers to ensure every street crossing is now manned – in return for a donation.

Our generous sponsors and supporters are also to be thanked for, promotions, sales, transport, street arrangements, funding and prizes

Read on for a full report…

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Art Auction

President Elect Harley Smithson welcomed Members and Guests to Rotary Timaru North’s Art Auction. Harley explained to the audience that Clark Esplin, an Artist and former Rotarian donated two of his paintings to be auctioned with proceeds to go towards the study of Arts.
Ten more paintings and three art works in pottery were sourced through the Saffron Art Gallery and made up all the items for the auction. The Rotary Club of Timaru North decided to use the money generated from this auction to set up an Art Scholarship. The Scholarship is intended for resident South Canterbury students and artists between the ages of 17 and 25. Applications for the scholarship close on January 12th 2018.
The Auction got under way timely and “Snow” the auctioneer did an outstanding job and sold all except one of the art works. “Snow” the auctioneer understood how to work and entertain the audience and get the most value out of every sale. Great evening was enjoyed by all.
As mentioned one painting is still for sale. If you were unable to come to the meeting, please contact Harley and he will make sure you get it for a good price.
And if you missed out on an Art purchase you can still make a donation towards the newly established Timaru North Art Scholarship.
President Harley thanked everybody for their attendance and participation in tonight’s Art Auction
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Art scholarship announced

Timaru North Rotary Art Scholarship announced

President Elect Harley Smithson announces an annual art scholarship fund is being established by the Rotary Club of Timaru North, to help with tertiary education costs for 17-25 year-old students studying arts. They must be NZ citizens living in South Canterbury at the time of application.

“The fund is being kicked-started with a donation of art work by renowned and once-resident artist, Clark Esplin. One painting has just been raffled and an auction event follows 16 November.” Says Harley.

The public are invited to the auction to be held Thursday 16th November 5.30pm at the Seven Oaks. RSVPs are requested by 1.00pm 15th November

The pieces are currently held by Saffron Gallery and can be viewed on-line at: esplin.saffrongallery.co.nz. A catalogue will be available on request. Absent bids may also be arranged.

$2000 has been allocated for next year. Upon agreement, this can be used towards course fees and related material costs incurred during 2018.

The successful applicant must be prepared to report formally to the club and agree to publicity.

An application form with criteria is downloadable from artscholarship.rotarytimnth.nz. Applications close 5:00pm 12th January 2018, and will be considered by the club committee.


For further information please contact:

Harley Smithson

03 686 6055 or 027 4972 292

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RYDA 2017 - Rotary Youth Driver Awareness

During 10-11 April 2017 , Club members along with local school teachers volunteered at the Levels Raceway, to support 200 students, in small peer groups, to rotate through six interactive sessions, focusing on the crucial ‘big five’ road safety issues of speeding, DUI, fatigue, seatbelts and distractions as well as the importance of driving as a social responsibility, The PROactiveDRIVE programe manager Tim Hartnell, was one of 7 specialists running sessions on:
  • Speed and stopping
  • Hazards & distractions
  • The 'i' in drive
  • Road choices
  • After the crash
  • Genevieve's story
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29th Festival of Magic

Thanks to the generosity of many local businesses, hundreds of children and their families enjoyed a magnificent show of magic - something they would not normally get to see.

President Robbie Jackson's gave a warm welcome, explaining our club’s community service and fundraising roles. Then internationally acclaimed Chuck Jones, soon had everyone’s attention focused on his illusions, egging them on to volunteer to make all sorts of things and people appear and vanish in explosions of colour and smoke.

Our club sends its thanks all those businesses that supported us this year,

Read more about our club project here.

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38th BOOKARAMA - 2016

Feeding the minds of South Canterbury

Again this year, scores of people lined up outside the Trinity Church Hall in Timaru, eager to search for bargains among thousands of books on display. Hundreds more, including professional book dealers, continued the hunt over the weekend of 19-20 November 2016.

BOOKARAMA, while being an annual fundraiser for the Timaru North Rotary Club, is also a community service allowing locals to access to cheap books. Organiser Murray Purvis said wider aisles were again used to allow easier browsing and, this time, popular sections were more evenly spread to reduce congestion.

Books, games, puzzles, records CDs, DVDs and cassette tapes were collected at various service stations over past weeks. These and other stored from previous years, were collected and sorted by club members and other volunteers. In the days prior, they laid out the sales tables, tidying and restocking them during the sale.

More than $15,000 will have been raised and be given to several charities. Along with the Rotary Club of Timaru South, BOOKARAMA has been run for about 40 years.

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27th ARTARAMA - 2016

Fostering the art of South Canterbury school children

About 200 students, parents, caregivers and teachers attended the ARTARAMA opening and prize giving at the Aigantighe on 13 August 2016 1:00pm. The supreme prize was awarded to Makikihi Primary School. See major prizes and awards here ....

ARTARAMA is a festival of student art displaying the paintings and drawings; prints and collage; and 3 dimensional works from 30 schools. The exhibition, now in its 27th year, runs from 13 to 28 August 2016.

See photo gallery here...
A news item from Stuff is here...

Instigated in 1979 by founding member Dick Logan, in conjunction with the Aigantighe Art Gallery, ARTARAMA has, for decades, consistently represented the artwork of thousands of year 1-13 students from our South Canterbury region. As well as promoting to the schools and donating prizes, our club supports the gallery staff with volunteers to hang and take down each year's exhibition.  Artworks are not sold as this is purely a community service and not a fundraiser.

ARTARAMA is also supported with prizes and awards from: The Friends of Aigantighe; Waihi School,  South Canterbury Art Society; ARA Polytechnic, and Warehouse Stationery.  

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India celebrates three years without polio

Throughout India and around the world, Rotary clubs are celebrating a major milestone: India has gone three years without a new case of polio. The last reported case was a two-year-old girl in West Bengal on 13 January 2011. To mark this historic triumph, Rotary clubs illuminated landmarks and iconic structures throughout the country with four simple but powerful words, "India is polio free."
The three-year achievement sets the stage for polio-free certification of the entire Southeast Asia region by the World Health Organization. The Indian government also plans to convene a polio summit in February to commemorate this victory in the global effort to eradicate polio.
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