“I keep coming back!” Rebecca demonstrates the fun of entering and dressing-up to the camera.  - Photo by Geoff Cloake

Read more about entering and prepaying here: h2h.org.nz/entering/about-entering

“I keep coming back!” Rebecca Taylor announces, having entered the Hadlow to Harbour for over 12 years. She loves seeing people giving it a go, “You see the families… the dress-up people…, ” then with a grin she adds, “… and the people coerced into it.”  “More people should take part as it is a great community spirit”, she continues,  “…do not ever be daunted… you’re doing it and it you will be so proud of yourself at the end.”

To new entrants, her best advice is to simply set your own goals and repeat each year to improve. The great parts are the “streets of locals cheering you on” and seeing the end finally looming with a yelling crowd of supporters. Then there’s the fulfilled feeling of sitting down on the grass before prizegiving “soaking in the atmosphere of fitness and fun.”

Rebecca’s fitness journey started with her friend. They powerwalked their first fun run. After starting her second, Rebecca wondered if she could run it, but “the runners seemed so confident and serious” she recalls. Then, “I saw someone I knew, running and she inspired me …she was so loving it …running at her own pace …I was so proud for her”.

Rebecca’s enthusiasm for running has grown. It’s extravagantly evident when caught by the event photographer.  “She has such a great knack of spotting my camera and playing up to it with such an infectious grin.” Geoff Cloake reflects, adding how her photos over the years developed a cheekiness befitting any flouncing tutu.

Having run in the 1970s forerunners, Geoff well understands the camaraderie but never imagined becoming one of the organisers.  Since 2009 Geoff, a third generation Rotarian, also garners photographs for ongoing promotion and now, social media. “People love sharing and commenting on the H2H Facebook page. With satisfaction he says, “It’s just that extra little thing from me and my club helping to lift everyone’s day”.

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