The Sanford Science and Technology Fair is a public display of original exhibits on scientific or technological themes by almost 300 school students. Each year, students from Mid and South Canterbury and North Otago, are invited to showcase their work and a panel of judges award prizes. Public may attend the fair held early each September free of charge. Read more at

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The fair has been held since the mid 1980’s, when Jeff Brown, a teacher at Mountainview High took up the lead and chaired the formative committee of reps from high schools and Kiwanis. Kiwanis International is thought to have been the initial promoter and was the man-power and funding provider, according to Graham Pullman, a member who worked on gaining sponsorship. The fund still remains in place today decades later!

The Kiwanis club.wound up and in In 2011, Glen Clarkson instigated our club's support during his term as president and we have maintained the role of assisting with funding, via our charitable trust, and volunteering to set-up, man, and take-down the fair.