Rotary Timaru North Meeting Thursday, December 7 2023
President Don welcomed all Club Members, especially tonight's speakers, Dale Davey and Adrien Gray. Don also advised that the 2nd half of the Club's AGM will be held tonight.
Presidents Time
The Club's Christmas Meeting will be held on Thursday, December 14, starting at the usual time (18.00h) and at the usual venue (Armadillos)
Christmas Function. The buffet meal price is $30.00 per person, $20.00 for kids' meals, or an option to just order chips for the kids. Names of extras (Partners, Friends) are needed by Tuesday, December 12. Use this link to advise of any extras and apologies. Also, see the separate email from Don about registering partners and children.
The raffle was drawn by Dale and won by Paul Hewitson.
3-Minute talk from Harley Smithson, who thanked Club members who helped with the Christmas Parade last Sunday, noting that our Club was well represented.
Harley proposed a Club outing early in the coming year. The outing will involve visiting Bill Weir's Chevrolet Car Collection, then on to Bob Austin for a visit and finishing at Barry and Yvonne Payne's place to see their Merino Sheep operation.
Harley then told us of his and Jennifer's trip to Melbourne, which was really great, except when they arrived back in Christchurch, their luggage did not arrive. But the problem was that their car keys were in the suitcases! So a car was rented to drive to Timaru and the next day back to Christchurch to pick up the luggage and of course, to pay for the car rental and the extra parking, then back to Timaru again!
2nd Half of AGM
The incoming Club President (2024-25) will be Rod Sparrow
Club Secretary to take over from Jeremy Hogan is Neil Dickson
Timaru North Club Accounts
Club Treasurer Paul Hewitson explained the Club's Financial Report for the Year to June 2023 and explained that the deficit of $ 2,751.00 was created by the extra cost ($ 3,461.-) of the Membership Drive run over the year. All other expenses are in line with previous years. Club Funds at the end of June 2023 are $ 2'714.73
Paul moved to adopt the Accounts. Tony Brian seconded this. All in favour, Carried
Timaru North Charitable Trust Accounts
Treasurer Paul reported Revenue of $ 31,485.00, noting that due to bad weather on the day, the Hadlow to Harbour income was disappointing.
Total Expenses were $24,778.00, producing a Surplus of $6,707.00
The Trust's funds are invested at SBS Bank and Harbour Asset Management. Paul noted the difficult investment climate over the last two years, but the outlook is now more positive.
Charitable Trust Funds at the end of June 2023 were $ 117,036.00
John Keenan thanked Paul for his work and commented on the considerable financial contribution our Club made to local charities, as well as supporting the Rotary Foundation and the Shelter Box project.
Paul moved to adopt the Charitable Trust Accounts. Noel Crawford seconded this. All in favour,   Carried
The Financial Reports for the Year to June 23 for the Club and the Charitable Trust have been sent to Club Members by email.
Rotary Club Timaru North Trustees are elected for a three-year term. Paul Hewitson and Jeremy Hogen are up for re-election. Paul was confirmed for another term. Reese Hart (Chairman of the Trust) nominated Gavin Craig; Tony Brien seconded this. All in favour, Carried
President Don closed the AGM at 19.09h.
Sergeant Robbie and acting Corporal Don collected a Gold Coin from all present. Fishing Trip attendance and, "changing the stationary" at NZ Transport, and a few other things were all good enough for a fine. Robbie finished off with an Irish Story.
Chairman Rod Sparrow commented on the great experience of attending the Rotary Fishing Trip to Wanaka and thanked Rob Rhodes for organising it.
Rod introduced our newest members and tonight's speakers, Dale Davey and Adrien Gray.
Dale grew up in Tauranga, is married, and they have four children and several grandchildren. Attending Toast Masters, she learned how to stick to the facts and keep a speech short, which she said will be the case tonight. Dale has always been a book reader and has a strong interest in books and what you can learn by reading and studying them. We all know she loves books and what a great help she is to our Club during Bookarama, which she loves to be involved in as well as the Rotary Fellowship. To close her address, Dale read out one of her own Poems called Grassy Hills.
Grassy Hills
Look at the hills all covered in grass,
with sheep now grazing where grass was passed.
Look at the rocks shaped like Barney and Fred,
providing the home and a place for their head.
Scan over the trees and the trickling tarn,
where many a bloke will string out a yarn of the one got away, like the salmon or trout, drinking whiskey, watering trunks with girths so stout, raising their glasses in a frenzied toast.
And there in the kitchen is the wife and the roast of mutton and veggies for a fine repast
to remind us of hills all covered in grass.
Adrien grew up in Timaru, is married, and they have two boys. Looking for work and an apprenticeship in the 1980s proved to be difficult, but he found various jobs ranging from Photography processing to various Sales jobs in very different industries. He then travelled to London and again worked in different jobs between travelling around Europe. On his return to Timaru, he started working as a Custom Broker, which is what he is still doing. Adrian a keen follower of sports, especially Cricket and Football. He is also a keen Fisherman, his secret fishing spots are in the Waitaki Valley.
Tony Brien thanked Dale and Adrien for their address that gave us an insight into two very different lives, and noted that this is, of course, an important part of Rotary.
President Don thanked all who participated in tonight's meeting and reminded members of the Christmas Meeting and to advise numbers by Tuesday.
The 3rd Thursday in January (January 18 2024) will be the first meeting in the New Year.