Timaru North Rotary Club Birthday Night
President Rod opened the meeting at 6.30pm and welcomed the 51 members and partners who were present. He welcomed Alan Minnear, a former teacher at TBHS who provided the entertainment for the evening. Ken Linscott said grace before the meal was served.
The robbery - even on our birthday
Jerry ford resorted to bulk fines in the sargeant’s session, dividing the meeting into the Do’s and the D-gooders; all having to pay up !
3 Minute Speaker (video)
President Rod introduced Harley who gave a three minute speech illustrated with slides, on house renovations. Rod said that Major renovation - no hesitation, Minor renovation - can take years ! Harley and Jennifer’s renovation involved taking out a wall between the kitchen and dining room. Harley provided the labour to tear down the old, and was helped by his son who is a qualified carpenter, to install the load bearing beam, gib board and pink bats. A pleasant surprise was the discovery of Rimu flooring underneath the current floor coverings when they were pulled out. The Rimu flooring was kept, and after sanding and varnishing gave a very satisfactory look and finish. Joinery Zone installed the new kitchen.
At the conclusion of the meal President Rod closed the meeting with a “This day in time” list; including Desmond Tutu,Vladimir Putin and Lech Walesa. A very pleasant meeting was had by all.