I am sure that many of you have had your Easter plans disrupted and have had to keep in your bubble.  We hope you are all well and looking forward to resuming Rotary in the near future.   It certainly looks promising despite the few idiots. 
Our Granddaughter Sofia age 5 now knows that she can call a family conference and have both Grandmothers full attention by using Messenger on her dads phone.   They sure learn quick!  
About 3 weeks ago somebody dropped off a couple of kittens on our road and I found one, just skin and bone, and took it home to Yvonne.  It very quickly made itself at home and has provided us with hours of entertainment.  We had forgotten just how crazy kittens can be.  We thought about calling it Covid but decided on Lucky
For the 4wd drivers I have just read an article in 'Directions' the AA magazine about 'The Muzzle' station that we visited last year.  Well worth a read if you can.
Keep well.