Welcome to 2022
Yes, we are already a couple of weeks in 2022, and with 2021 behind us, here's hoping for a much more settled year.
We ended 2021 with our usual Christmas Party. It was great to see 76 members, partners, children and grandchildren this evening. As you can see from the below photo, Ashley received a present from Santa, and we trust you received presents on the basis you had been good all year. Santa is not privy to who was fined for various misdemeanours each week - so they don't count. 
Restart of Timaru North Rotary Meeting
We will restart Rotary on Thursday 20 January 2022 in the same venue.
A special note and reminder for Honorary Members attending Rotary Meetings
Honorary members who attend regularly (yes, we know who you are) are automatically on the 'I will be attending' status for the purposes of counting you in for dinner each meeting. This means you need to register an apology if you are not attending via the link on the right-hand column. For Honorary members who attend less regularly (and we look forward to seeing you when you can attend), please advise us if you will be attending by registering your attendance via the link on the right-hand column. Thanks for your cooperation with this.
Anthony Brien
Timaru North Rotary.